27 Nakshatras

Human awareness and level of consciousness is governed by Nakshatras, which are an important factor for influencing the functioning of 9 planets & 12 Rashis. Nakshatra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘something that does not break-down’. Nakshatras decide quality of one’s rashi & Graha, and in natal chart Nakshatras are designed in a circle form, whose 27 segments of equal size represent each of the Nakshatras. Nakshatra sequence starts with Ashwini Nakshatra in Mehsha Rashi, and each of the segments of Nakshatra has 13 degrees 20 minutes in its circular existence.

In revolving around one Nakshatra, Moon takes one days and hence by doing so, moon completes revolutions around all the 27 Nakshatra in 27 days. Like Moon, Sun & Planets also move around these twenty seven Nakshatras, which decides the fortune & future of every individual. Astrology finds Nakshatras and their positioning in one’s horoscope highly important for deciding all the aspects of their present and future life. Nakshatras are also divided into four equal parts and each of the parts covers 3 degrees 20 minutes of circular positioning in natal diagram. These four equal parts are known as Nakshatra Pada, which has its own significance in Vedic Jyotish, and Hindu Astrologers analyze them while predicting about one’s fortune.

Indian Hindu Astrologer & 27 Nakshatra

  • Our astrologers do accurate astrological calculations that are based on Nakshatra, and by doing so they let you know about your future with complete Vedic veracity
  • Solutions for all the future problems that may arise due to negativities of Nakshatra are also solved by our pundits and astrologers
  • Pundit Ji is available for free consultation, and you may contact him anytime through our contact-us services. Personal meeting with Pundit Ji is also accessible in USA

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